Gear | April 26, 2018 9:00 am

Step Up Your Lawn-Game Options With These Rugged Leather Sporting Goods

Footballs, bocce sets, supple oversized golf bags and more

Unless you’re a Winter Olympian, summer is your time to stretch those legs out and head outdoors for some lightweight athletic competition.

And if you’re looking to up the ante this season, consider the stylings of Most Vintage Player, an Auckland-based company that turns run-of-the-mill sporting goods into leather-clad beauts.

MVP is essentially the European version of Leather Head Sports, except MVP goods are slightly more affordable. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

Either way, the idea of spending, say, $79 on a football, or $40 on a baseball, or over $300 on a bocce ball lawn set, is not for everyone. But as beautiful as MVP’s sporting goods look, they’re meant to be used and abused. The advantage of sporting goods cut from heavy-duty cowhide leather is not only will it last longer, but that it will look better with age.

And what could be better for a sports fan to hand down their favorite ball to their kid?

In addition to leather balls, MVP also offers stunning gym, boxing and golf accessories, just in case you’d like to be the most handsome pugilist in the ring or duffer on the course.

Head on over to MVP for the full collection.