Gear | April 18, 2017 9:00 am

Here’s Your Magic 8-Ball for Travel Days

Is my flight delayed?' 'Most assuredly.'

“Air travel was never MENT to be stressful.”

Dad joke as motto aside, soon-to-launch app MENT could serve a useful purpose for air travelers. The app crowdsources and predicts wait times at security, as well as delays due to weather. It also suggests restaurants and shops in each terminal.

While no launch date is scheduled, the app promises to start with a test run at New York’s JFK Airport. For now, the site is offering up free videos on their Facebook page that would interest air travelers (i.e., the best days to buy cheap airline tickets, using science to reduce jet lag).

Don’t like to wait? For a similar app you can use right now, we’d suggest flightSpeak. And if you truly want to avoid long lines at the airport, spend a few bucks and get Global Entry and download Mobile Passport

A little wisdom from crowds there.