Gear | June 3, 2016 9:00 am

Vi Is an AI Personal Trainer Who Lives in Your Headphones

She offers advice, plays music and answers your phone

Cinematic representations of an athlete pushing his/her physical boundaries often involve the deus ex machina of a disembodied “voice in one’s head” — be it the voice of Mr. Miyagi, Mick from Rocky or Chubbs and that alligator who got his hand.

Now that trope is being made a reality by a wearable tech company whose flagship product is an AI-enabled personal trainer who lives in a pair of bio-sensing earphones.

Her name is Vi, and users can talk to her verbally as well as by using SMS.  

According to LifeBEAM, Vi is able to evolve and get smarter on a daily basis as she learns more about her client, and will structure her coaching strategies to help users reach their fitness goals. Like a Fitbit and digital assistant crammed into a pair of wearable Beats, Vi has the ability to coach and provide insights, as well as play music and also allow users to talk on the phone.

While the first-generation Vi is designed with runners in mind, LifeBEAM — which  has done tech work for products from Samsung, Under Armour and JBL in the past — will create subsequent versions of the “awareable” with other fitness pursuits in mind.

“The future of wearables is using AI to personalize our health and fitness in real time, and we created Vi to lead this new frontier,” says LifeBEAM CEO Omri Yoffe. “By improving a person’s awareness of their own behaviors, environment, and real-time physiology, Vi provides an inspiring and truly smarter workout experience.”

A Kickstarter campaign has already more than doubled its goal, but there’s still an opportunity to secure your own Vi for just $199 (expected MSRP $250).

Orders are due to start shipping after the holidays, just in time for your New Year’s resolution.