Gear | May 10, 2017 9:00 am

Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of Hammocks

No one piece of fabric should have all this power

By The Editors

An overflowing gear trunk is an inevitability for most adventure junkies.

But if you want to shoot for something more minimalistic, consider pledging a few sawbucks to the M.C. Hammie Kickstarter.

Backed by a new company called Wildish, the M.C. Hammie is a hammock. It’s also a waterproof ripstop blanket/tarp. Oh, and it’s a shelter, too, complete with stakes.

mc hammie (3 images)

That’s three uses for the price (and space) of one. The hammock can also be adjusted to accommodate a variety of tree sizes and distances thanks to its extension straps, which connect to built-in carabiners and integrated straps. It’s also washing-machine-safe, so it won’t end up with that ghastly mildew redolence after a few camping trips.

If you want to use all three functions at once, you’ll have to get three of them. Fortunately, each compresses down to the size of a Nerf football.  

There should be room in your gear trunk for that.