Need a Dirt Cheap But Exquisitely Appointed Hotel Room in the Hamps?

This can happen to you.

A few years back, we headed out East for the weekend — two girls, two guys, no brainer. The driver had a summer house. The windows were down and the spirits were high. But upon reaching the house, the question was posed to us: “So where are you all staying?” Perhaps it was too forward of us to assume that a person with a home who both invited us and drove us out East was naturally extending a lovely place for us to rest our heads. But these things can get political.

There is a solution for this situation, and all analogous ones.

The Standard hotel’s mobile booking app One Night is now available in the Hamps for booking last-minute rooms at a cut-rate cost. Hotels on the roster include Gurney’s Montauk Resort, The Chequit, The Maidstone, Montauk Beach House, Surf Lodge, The Village Latch Inn Hotel and the spankin’ new Hero Beach Club Resort.

Each day starting at noon, open rooms will be made available exclusively through the app, bookable in two swipes and guaranteed at the most competitive rate. You’ll get access to One Night’s hour-by-hour experience guide (curated by each member hotel) to boot.

And should you find yourself in the third ring of hell this weekend, use the promo code YOBEACH to receive an additional 25% off. The promo is good from launch through June 21st.

So while fortune favors the prepared, One Night is prepared to favor those spontaneous beasts like me that are momentarily not so fortunate.