Gear | September 27, 2017 9:00 am

Kind of a Big Deal: September 27th

Today in deals: Wireless earbuds, pullovers, 4K TVs

By The Editors

Welcome to Kind of a Big Deal, a daily roundup of great sales on the brands and items you love (tech, shoes, style, travel, etc.), as well as great new products. Please note: Deals are subject to change at the whim of the merchants mentioned.

Marauder Jacket by Iron and Resin
A washed corduroy bomber with an insulated, quilted lining, currently $30 off.

Mizzen & Main
One of our favorite menswear brands just launched a revamped line of winter dress shirts and layers. Keys here are comfort and looks, along with wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking properties for easy upkeep. Love the dress shirts, but we’re partial to North, the charcoal heathered pullover.

DUFL Door-to-Door
Forget dragging your bags or hefty equipment through the airport. DUFL, a travel valet, today unleashes Door-to-Door, a DIY shipping service for luggage and sports gear (golf clubs, skis, etc.). Basically, you’ll fill out online what you want shipped, and the service–with an assist from FedEx—can deliver your luggage when and where you need it.

Bose SoundSport Free
Wireless, sweatproof, in-ear headphones from audio gurus Bose — the ear nozzle is designed to spread contact evenly for comfort and fit. As well, an accompanying app promises you’ll never lose these buds. New at $250.

iClever Booststrip
You want to avoid the cable mess under your desk every time you need to unplug or charge your devices? Use this desk-ready strip, which contains four USB, three AC outlets and a built-in phone stand. Now 46% off.

Samsung 65-Inch Q7F
Maybe you should get outside more. Or, maybe you should buy a 4K HDTV on Massdrop “boasting over a billion colors” (yeah, you’re boasting) for $1000 off its regular price. Not here to judge, people.

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