Gear | January 10, 2018 9:00 am

Kind of a Big Deal: January 10th

Today in deals: Ball and Buck, Indochino, Todd Snyder and more

By The Editors

Welcome to Kind of a Big Deal, a daily roundup of great sales on the brands and items you love (tech, shoes, style, travel, etc.), as well as great new products. Please note: Deals are subject to change at the whim of the merchants mentioned.

Black Leather Clarks Sneakers
Currently 55% off, these full grain leather sneakers feature an insole with multiple densities for optimized comfort. Minimal kicks with great versatility.

Ball and Buck
It’s 25% off for these made-in-the-USA jackets, pants and cold weather accessories. Digging this Hunter’s Overshirt (pictured above).

Starbucks Blonde Espresso
Starting this week—and for the first time in 40+ years—you can order a new type of espresso at Starbucks. The Blonde Espresso is a light roast sourced from Latin American and East African beans; it’s decidedly smoother on the palate, with hints of citrus and featuring a natural sweetness. Seriously! During a press event last week, we tried a cappuccino with no sugar using the Blonde Espresso beans, and it worked beautifully.

And a couple of big sales:

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