These Knives Are Strong, Beautiful and Capable of Great Destruction

Danish knife designers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø told Blade Mag that they named their burgeoning blade business GiantMouse “because Denmark is a tiny country in a giant world and they wanted GiantMouse to be a small knife brand in a giant knife industry.”

Pretty sharp — just like their knives, one of which is the Nordic-inspired fixed-blade GMF2.

A modern take on a traditional Finnish knife called the puukko, the GMF2 knife has a four-inch blade made from cobalt high performance powder steel that’s been given a stonewashed finish.

Made to aid in Northern European activities like North Sea sailing, fjord fishing and Norwegian wood whittling, the GMF2 has a contoured micarta handle and comes with a leather sheath.

Fixed-blade knife (3 images)

“It’s lightweight, strong, cuts well and won’t scare everyone off when you take it out of your pack,” backcountry adventurer Piotr Ma said in a review of the GMF2 for MOTUS.

GiantMouse, which is based in California, has set pricing for the GMF2 at $165 and is currently donating $20 from each sale to the Save the Children organization.

Like we said, pretty sharp.