Sometimes when you’re traveling you just need your music, right?

That seems to be the case for ION Audio’s massive new Pathfinder speaker. Literally.

This new speaker is a behemoth — a waterproof cabinet that delivers 100 watts of peak power and 75 hours of sound before recharging. Also, it’s the size of a large cooler. You’ll actually need the built-in wheels, side handles and telescoping top handle to lug this giant around.

But thanks to the unit’s USB charger and cup holders — and an LED light bar for “festive multi-color illumination” — does your trip or party really need anything else?  Oh, there is one thing. A mic. And this guy comes with one, so don’t forget the karaoke songbook.

Also, as seen below, “Fred from ION Audio” sure seems happy to take this wherever he goes.