Intel Vaunt

Google Glasses: Interesting idea.

Definitely not a smart design.

Intel’s new smart glasses prototype Vaunt, however, seems to merge style and brains without Google Glass’s creepiness factor.

On the surface, Vaunt is just a regular, slightly chunky pair of eyeglasses. But there’s no swiping or pushing buttons here: Instead, users receive a stream of information projected onto your retina (ouch?), invisible to others outside of a tiny red shimmer on the right lens.

The electronics are embedded subtly into the stem of the glasses. The slim design, however, means the feature set for Vaunt is also decidedly slimmed down: Instead of voyeuristic video or photos, you’re simply receiving the same info (messages, notifications, etc.) that could be had from any smartwatch or smartphone app. Head movements or a voice assistant “might” be part of any interaction.

(Don’t worry about that laser in your retina: According to the company, the laser is “such lower power” it doesn’t even need to be certified.)

If all goes right with Vaunt, you’ll be able to receive electronic information surreptitiously without glancing at your phone or wrist. Ronen Soffer, general manager for software products at Intel’s New Devices Group, joked to The Verge that you’ll be able to “ignore people more efficiently that way.” (You can see  The Verge’s hands-on account with Vaunt in the video above.)

According to reports, Intel is waiting to partner up with another company (or sell itself) before beginning production on Vaunt, although an early access program will be available for developers later this year.

If you’re looking for an accessory available now that works more as a camera (like the original Google Glass), check out the Front Row lanyard.