Gear | June 30, 2016 9:00 am

This Is the Rolls Royce of Rooftop Camping Tents

It practically pitches itself

Best part of camping:

You’ve got your fresh air, your fireside meals, your outdoor living room, your river baths — it’s crowded at the top.

The worst part, though? That’s easy: setting up and taking down said campsite. You gotta find even ground, clear away debris … and don’t even get us started on those poles.

Friend, there’s a better way.

Comes in the form of the Road Trip rooftop tent by iKamper, a waterproof beaut that sits in a soft-top case on top of your rig that basically turns it into a Transformer when the time comes.

We’re talkin’ sky views. We’re talkin’ a shady enclosure. We’re talkin’ proximity to your car, so no hauling supplies back and forth. And mattress and ladder are included, so that’s less to pack, too.

Approaching three grand, they aren’t exactly cheap — but name something truly badass that is?

Road Trips are still in production and set to hit the shelves this August.

Just in time for a long Labor Day weekend.