Gear | January 17, 2017 9:00 am

These Axes With Hand-Drawn Tattoos Are So American It Hurts

Warning: May attract bald eagles

Thanks in no small part to the antics of historical characters ranging from George Washington to Lizzie Borden to Paul Bunyan, the axe has notched itself a nice niche in American folklore.

To pay tribute to our great nation’s blade of choice, Minnesota-based Sanborn Canoe Company has created the 100%-made-in-the-USA Hudson Bay Axe collection. Made from 5160-grade alloy steel and locally-felled hickory, the Old Growth Camp Axe and Brave Feather Camp Axe each feature hand-drawn detailings that have been wood-burned into their handles by founder Zak Fellman.

Hudson Bay Axes (3 images)

That process means no two axes in the collection — which also features a pair of sharpening stones — are exactly the same, and Sanborn promises the handsome tools will only be produced in small batches. The sharp-looking choppers are both $220, so we’ve got no axe to grind with how their priced, and Sanborn will give you an extra discount if you sign up for their mailing list (scroll down).

Thwack responsibly.