Gear | July 14, 2016 9:00 am

Night Photography Just Took a Giant Leap Forward

Identify and photograph the stars with this amazing new camera

Have you ever been so awed by the natural beauty of the night sky you actually pointed your camera heavenward to try to capture the site?

If so, your picture probably looked like a gray nothing.

A new point-and-shoot camera called Tiny1 is here to help.

Designed by a professional photographer who was fed up after his pro gear and years of experience failed to capture the beauty he saw above him, Tiny1 not only takes lovely images of the stars — it teaches you about them, too.

How does the petite camera do it? Tiny1 has a much bigger aperture than do the cameras in your smartphone and most digicams, allowing in more light and thus taking epic nighttime photos.

Seriously, check out this insane timelapse of Melbourne

And for those of us who want to take stargazing pics but aren’t exactly sure what we’re gazing at, the camera has an Interactive Star Map that identifies stars and constellations in real time. There’s also a built in search function to guide you.

You can even connect Tiny1 to your smartphone and show off your new skills to your friends by  uploading the pictures directly online.

For just under $450 you can get a Tiny1 and a wide-angle lens. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient. The camera is not expected to ship until May 2017.