Gear | August 3, 2016 9:00 am

Want to Be a Hologram? Here’s How.

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi"

Apparently — and we didn’t know this till right now —  the resurrected Tupac who performed with Snoop and Dr. Dre at 2012’s Coachella was not a hologram. (It wasn’t a ghost either.) What we saw there, confusing some and delighting others, was something called a “fake hologram,” or a “fauxlograph.” Do what this info what you will.

What we do know is that you can now become an actual hologram, to amuse, delight or scare the living s**t out of your friends and family.

HoloVit is an at-home holographing prototype currently in crowdfund mode, and if it reaches its goal you could potentially have your setup by Halloween.

How it works: Employing transparent screen size that’s best suited to your device of choice — TV, tablet, phone or laptop — and either a pre-existing holographic video or one you’ve recorded yourself using their tech, you use your own device as a projector.

Suddenly being a couch potato doesn’t sound so boring.

There’s even a HoloVit-made video game that’ll give you a bit of that VR feel without the bulky headsets.

No other special equipment needed — just the HoloVit and desire to look upon a digitized miniature version of yourself.

You don’t even need to dim the lights. Unless you want to.