Gear | January 10, 2019 9:00 am

The Internet’s Favorite Backpacking Chair Is Really Cheap Right Now

Helinox is having a rare sale. Prepare for a comfy summer.

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The problem with $10 camping chairs is that they last about as long as you’d expect them to — if you’re over 170 lbs. and plop down too impolitely on one, it’s a goner. They’ll work for a weekend when you’re in a bind after absent-mindedly leaving your better camping chairs at home, but don’t expect them to endure beyond that.

For something that will, most corners of the internet agree you can’t beat Helinox, a South Korean company that got its start in ultra-light, collapsible ski and hiking poles. They now apply the same technology to camping furniture, and their flagship Chair One is a godsend.

Though it weighs just two lbs., the Chair One is strong enough to withstand even the burliest camping brutes (weight capacity: 320 lbs.) while packing down into a zippered storage bag the size of a baguette. Backpackers swear by it; last year, professional Gearhead Ben Rabinowitz ranked it among his 10 camping essentials in an interview with InsideHook.

Now obviously this is not a $10 camping chair. But it is a $100 camping chair that’s currently going for $65 over at Backcountry. That means that when it outlasts 10 of those Wal-Mart jobs — and it will — you’ll have saved money, not to mention waste. So do the right thing and pick up a couple for summer.


Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of Helinox’s offerings. Everything’s on sale at the moment and the quality is evident throughout their collection of chairs, tables, camp cots and the like. 

Main image via Backcountry