Gear | June 23, 2014 9:00 am

Half Full

By The Editors

Today, all the fuss is over.

You can buy Google Glass.

Today marks Glass’s exclusive debut on Mr. Porter, one of your correspondent’s favorite luxury online retailers.

With Mr. P, Google’s clearly trying to attract the fashionable, non-geeky, non-”Google-y” crowd (you know, the normals).

Brief overview for those without, um, Google: Glass is the highly controversial eyewear that you activate with your voice and a small side touchpad. It’s good for taking video and eradicating all sense of privacy and decorum.

Yes, if you’re doing something that involves a very specific skill set and requires hands-free interaction (doctor, golfer, roving journalist or Tony Stark), Glass is something.

But otherwise? Look, you could buy this sixteen-hundred-dollar-plus geek machine and all your buddies will envy/loathe you. Or you could pledge money to the next gen of inventors, ones with no agenda to sell your soul to advertisers.

Today, in lieu of Glass, support these guys:

  • Earin: The world’s first/smallest legit wireless earbuds
  • Steaklocker: So you can dry-age meat in the comfort of your own home  
  • The 360cam: The first HD, 360-degree video camera

Sure, a better (and better-looking) Glass will come along, eventually.

Until then: hold the hands-free applause.