By Alex Lauer / February 11, 2019

Garmin’s Jam-Packed GPS Smartwatch Is the Lowest Price Ever on Amazon

Garmin’s Jam-Packed GPS Smartwatch Is the Lowest Price Ever on Amazon

You’ve heard the stories of luxury mechanical watches that have graced the wrists of mountaineers, deep-sea divers and adventurers. They survived, and looked good doing it.

On the other hand, does that Oyster Perpetual have GPS (and GLONASS, Russia’s version of GPS)? What about a three-axis compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer? Or possibly user-friendly features specifically designed to train for running, cycling, swimming, golfing or even paddleboarding?

No, but the Garmin Fenix 3 does — and right now, the multisport GPS training watch is currently the lowest price it’s ever been on Amazon, down to $297 from an original $500 (just be sure to click the Coupon box on Amazon).  

BUY IT HERE: $500 $297

Garmin is the need-to-know GPS smartwatch, consistently taking top marks from every outlet from Runner’s World to Tom’s Guide. But the Fenix line stands out as their premium, jam-packed model for those of you who fancy yourself weekend warriors or simply vacation on the slopes one weekend and the fairway the next. You can read about all that here, but the more traditional specs include a 1.2-inch sunlight-visible display, water rating of 100 meters (328 feet) and up to six weeks of battery life.

The price drop might be due to Garmin now offering a Fenix 5 Plus, so if you’re more interested in the top-of-the-line model no matter the price, you can shop the latest releases here.

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