Gear | October 5, 2016 9:00 am

What, That Old Thing? Just a Levitating Cloud Speaker.

Nobody knows what it means — but it's provocative

Music: a thing best kept in the cloud, in 2016.

Now literally.

Developed by the Richard Clarkson Studio and Dutch “levitation tech” gurus Crealev, Making Weather is a levitating Bluetooth speaker that resembles, well, a storm cloud.

Currently a prototype, the MW is a mid-size cumulus that floats 1-2 inches above a reflective oval base thanks to magnetic components in each part. The cloud unsettlingly rotates and bobs when the device is on.

The cloud also features sound-reactive LED lights, creating a storm-like effect in your living room.

Making Weather is currently in prototype, but Crealev does expect it to hit the market at some point. They have the chops: the company already has floating lamps, hoverboard displays and smartphone displays for sale.

Meanwhile, if you truly need a floating speaker, there are plenty of others on the market. May we suggest something less unsettling, like the Death Star?