Gear | June 15, 2016 9:00 am

A Faster, Smarter, Easier Way to Charge Your Phone

Introducing FLI: A better way to power up your devices

Charging our phones and smart devices is no longer what we’d call a #firstworldproblem.

Thing is, we live by our devices’ ability to achieve the one thing they promise: convenience. Which means they need to stay powered. In all worlds.

Enter FLI Charge. A new type of wireless charging system, FLI Charge offers cord-cutting juicing for smartphones, tablets or any other USB-powered devices, from smartwatches to drones.

It’s super quick, brand agnostic and “set-it-and-forget-it” easy to use. Your panicked outlet searches are no more.

Now, wireless charging has been a thing for a while. But most of these concepts, like Powermats and the ubiquitous Qi system, are slow and require proprietary cases that limit mass usage.

Besides being brand agnostic (Got a Samsung? Kindle? iPhone? You can use this), the just-launched FLI Charge uses “conductive” instead of “inductive” technology. It’s wildly more efficient — similar to plugging a device directly into a wall socket.

And far more versatile.

“It can be adapted to work with virtually any battery-powered device on the market,” says FLI Charge’s president Cliff Weinstein. “It can also support higher-powered devices without increasing potential safety concerns.”

And by more, it means the product’s bread and butter — the rectangular FLIway 40 charging pad — can charge up to eight smartphones at time, or three tablets, without a noticeable dip in charging speed. Its power output of 40 watts is about 2-4 times higher than most wireless chargers. Perfect for offices or high-traffic areas of the house.

Now, if you’re just charging phones, you may want to use the FLIcase, a snap-together charging case that allows you to lay your phone on the FLIway board at any angle, sans cords. But the charger works without the casings. The kits come with with a series of adapters, called FLIcoins and FLIcubes, that allow you to mix and match devices of nearly any type.

Launching on Indiegogo today (starting at $89), each order includes a FLIway 40, FLIcube, FLIcoin and a FLIcase (or, if you’re case-resistant, two additional FLIcubes).

That’s a charge we can all live with.