The Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $100 (And $50, And $25)

Blessing the dad in your life on a budget? We've got you covered

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Father's Day gifts under $100 are still totally valid, as are gifts under $75...and $50, and $25.

By The Editors

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It’s crunch time for Father’s Day gifts. Sure, at one point you could have leisurely browsed stylish gifts for Mr. Suave, peeked at personalized presents for #1 pops. But with just four — or less, depending on when you get around to reading this — brief days until the big day, time is of the essence, meaning ditching unique for cheap, fast and easy. You need a great Father’s Day gift under $100, and we’ve got you covered.

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Of course, we were being hyperbolic before — there are tons of genuinely great gifts still in reach and totally affordable, and in helpful InsideHook fashion, we’ve tracked down the best, arranged them in descending monetary order and rounded them up neatly for you below. Top picks include functional Snow Peak camping gear and elite pickleball paddles, but that’s just scratching the surface. Below, the best Father’s Day gifts under $100.

The Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $100:

Tracksmith Rapid Transit Shorts

Tracksmith running shorts have popped up in our running guides multiple times because they’re incredible. The Rapid Transit short has a great middle-of-the-road 5.5-inch inseam, water-resistant fabric and four-way stretch. It’s a bit of a hybrid short meant to be worn for traveling or a quick run session. The shorts are incredibly lightweight, breathable and feature a bit of a more relaxed fit.

WOLF Double Watch Stand

A snazzy watch display for dad to admire two of his favorite timepieces. This one is made with vegan leather and keeps your watches both scratch free and accessible.

Recess Tahoe Pickleball Paddle

If your father isn’t into Pickleball, is he really a dad? The jury is out, so you better cough up for a nice paddle — this Tohoe-inspired wooden stick from Recess should do jut fine — and, if you’re feeling generous, a few lessons.

Onsen Bath Towel Set

Our favorite towel will quickly become his, too.

Material 8″ Knife

We love Material, the AAPI-founded brand that makes some seriously good-looking and highly functional kitchenware. And their best-selling 8” blade is no joke. Made from sharp Japanese stainless steel and high carbon, this knife will have him dicing and chopping like a pro.

Under $75:

Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This stunning bottle of olive oil from Flamingo Estate — a glam 7-acre home and apothecary located atop the hills of Los Angeles — is made from hand-picked and cold-pressed organic olives. The result? A vibrant, peppery condiment he can drizzle over anything.

Courant Catch:1 Classics

Low-profile and handsome in a leather and aluminum alloy finish, the Courant Catch:1 is a simple but effective MagSafe charger that’ll keep wires out of any kiddos hands and his home looking only kind of overrun by children.

Leatherman Bond

The Bond is a 14-tool set with enough attachments and tools to help you build or fix just about anything. It has a clean fold-away design, weighs only 6.21 ounces and is made of stainless steel.

Cometeer Instant Coffee Mixed Roast Box

Finally, instant coffee that will impress the entire spectrum of coffee aficionados. From the most discerning of pour over snobs to the bodega loving caffeine-dependent, Cometeer’s mixed roast box of 32 flash frozen coffee pods is a great way to sample different roasters and roast levels.

Wood Smoked BBQ Grill Kit

This mix of all-natural cherry, hickory, and apple wood chips is an ingenious way to easily infuse grilled meats and vegetables with smoky flavors. All you have to do is pour some chips into the smoker box, place it on the grill and cover.

Under $50:

Manresa Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Manresa is the definition of an iykyk label: small, independent and oh-so cool. Pulling inspiration from the everyday workwear of the Northeast, it’s a collection of garb that feels decidedly for dads.

Snow Peak Coffee Drip

SnowPeak is known for its high-quality and tastefully designed camping equipment and clothing. This collapsible coffee drip can be easily stored in a backpack. You also have to appreciate the small design details like the sturdy footrests for stability and the easy-to-clean stainless steel construction.

Ballast Beach Pillow

Whether he’s hitting the beach or hanging around a campsite this summer, Dad needs Ballast — a perfectly portable and nicely cushioned pillow made from water-wicking fabric, he can rest his little head on and fully relax.

Guinness Toucan 20 oz Pint Glasses (2-Pack) 

Dads should always drink in style, and even if an IPA is more his vibe, these Toucan Pint Glasses should help him properly feel like the special little guy he is.

Pins & Aces Golf Bag Beer Sleeve Insulated Cooler

For keeping cool on the course this summer, the Pins & Aces Insulated Cooler is a discreet beer sleeve that fits most golf bags and can store up to seven cans.

Under $25:

Darn Tough Hiking Sock

Darn Tough makes durable long lasting socks. They are thick and a perfect fit for frequent or occasional hikers. It has no detectable seams so it avoids chafing, bunching and blisters. But the real star of the show is the merino wool fabric. It’s an incredibly porous material that helps move sweat away from the skin keeping your feet dry on even the steepest of hikes.

Casio Watch

Casio makes some incredible watches at ludicrously low prices. One of my favorites is the A158WA — a not-so-cool name for a watch — but it’s packed with features and most importantly, it looks good. It has a slim design that sits well on the wrist and feels comfortable. It’s water resistant and has a daily alarm, a stopwatch, a day-date calendar and more. It’s one of the best affordable daily drivers you can find that won’t break the bank.

National Park Passport Journal

A fun keepsake for recording memories, this pocket sized journal is designed with prompts and entry logs to take note of your visits.

Racquet 21

A world-class magazine for the sports father, erudite daddy and everyone in between.

Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case

What’s cool about this compact toiletry case? It manages to keep liquid inside while your bar of soap dries through the breathable, waterproof fabric. Perfect for the dad that refuses to use body wash for whatever reason.