Gear | October 20, 2016 9:00 am

A Gift She’ll Never Forget? Try a Ring Literally Crafted From Your Voice.

Turn your sweet nothings into one-of-a-kind jewelry

A store-bought ring that “signals your commitment”?

Nice, I guess. (Yawns.)

A bespoke ring 3D-crafted from your voice’s unique wavelength that captures your feelings in a way that’s utterly unique and personal?

Now, that’s romantic.

The Japan-based jeweler Encode Ring can take any three-second message of your choosing and transform it into a unique ring design.

It’s literally giving form to feelings.

“We all have feelings that we’d like to communicate, even though we can’t normally talk about them,” the company’s website notes. “They sound like a platitude when put it into writing and can’t be told in your own words. What kinds of words would you invest in a three-second message to a special person?”

The rings are currently available in platinum, 18K gold, premium silver, stainless gold or stainless steel. And dirty talk is welcome.