Gear | October 26, 2016 9:00 am

This Little Accessory Will Change How You Charge Your Phone

Eclipse destroys cord clutter, handsomes up your desk

At this point, cord management is practically a CV skillset.

Traversing that jungleland of cables requires organization, patience and coordination. Valuable skills, for sure … but we’d rather charge our devices with a modicum of effort.

Untangling your life: Eclipse, the best device-charging system we’ve ever seen.

It works quickly. It organizes your cable chaos. And it looks so good, you’ll want to display it front and center.

Created by Native Union — a design-forward company that makes some of our favorite iPhone accessories (see: their anchor-weighted cable, marble phone cases and rotating Apple Watch docks) — Eclipse is a compact device about the size of a smoke detector that’ll look nice on your desk. Or wall (there’s a mount included).

It’s certainly well designed: the device is made of cherry or walnut wood, looking somewhat akin to a nice coaster rack. Inside, there’s room for 24 feet of cable. You can pull out and rewind each cord along dedicated tracks so they’ll never get tangled, and then rest your devices to the side or on top. Add in a four-foot braided power cable, and you can pretty much charge your devices anywhere in your house.

Eclipse allows for three devices to be charged at a time via USB (and one USB-C port). And if you need a charge late a night, just tap the device’s capacitive sensors and it’ll rise up, exposing the cable and emitting a subtle light halo — great for not fumbling around in the dark. Tap again to lower it.

The device charges at a quick 2.4 amps per port (or 3A via USB-C) and features a transformer to protect against power surges.

The Kickstarter campaign starts today for $49, or $31 less than its eventual retail price. Shipping begins in April 2017.