Save $310 on a Cordless Dyson V8 Vacuum

Perfect for reaching your home's peskier corners

Save $310 on a Cordless Dyson V8 Vacuum
By Tanner Garrity / January 8, 2019 9:00 am

Here’s your chance to get a sleek Dyson vacuum for the cost of that unreliable old dinosaur you currently keep in the closet. 

The British kings of cleanliness are selling refurbished versions of their cordless Dyson V8 at 51% markdowns (a savings of $310) on eBay. 

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Natural follow-up questions: Refurbished? eBay

Don’t worry, this isn’t some random bot pawning off fake or faulty vacuums. Dyson operates its own eBay account, and the refurbished tag just means there’s some “surface imperfections” on the screen. Aka scratches. Otherwise the vacuum performs to its usual standards, offering up to 40 minutes of powerful suction on one charge and the length/unobtrusive design to reach your home’s peskier corners. 

BUY HERE: $600 $290

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