Gear | June 23, 2015 9:00 am

Your iPhone Camera, on Steroids

20 MP shots. Seriously.

Your iPhone Camera, on Steroids
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By The Editors

Life is meant to be lived.

Life is also meant to be remembered.

Problem: capturing all those precious moments in HD means carrying around a bulky, instruction-manual-necessary camera.

Solution: the DxO ONE, a pocket-sized device that transforms your iPhone into a DSLR-quality camera, available now for preorder.

The ultra-light DxO plugs into your iPhone and shoots 20.2 MP photos … or almost three times Apple’s normal range. As a frame of reference, a popular DSLR by Canon shoots 18 MP.

The DxO features a 1” sensor and a max aperture of f/1.8, giving you a nice shallow depth of field that makes your images pop.

It also tilts 60 degrees for pic-snapping convenience and offers a soft-fill light that will flatter you and your selfie companion of choice (editor’s note: don’t take selfies).

We played around with it last week: super light, nice grip, easy to use. Even without the advanced specs, it improves the picture-taking experience on your phone.

The DxO also comes with a suite of image-processing software and its own rechargeable batteries. Bonus: it stores images on a microSD card, so you can go forth with a full battery and whatever storage you need.

Picture that.