Gear | January 3, 2017 9:00 am

The Lamborghini of Snow Shovels Is Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Good for: Snow removal, saving Macaulay Culkin

Sure, Kickstarter seems like a good idea for a transparent speaker or a phone case that prints photos, but a shovel?

Six seconds and three pulverized rivals into the video above, you’ll understand.

The new Alpha Shovel from DMOS is made of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and sports serrated teeth, so it’s built to best snow, ice, dirt and apparently your neighbor’s flimsy plastic picker-upper.

It’s also big (25” wide, 12” deep), adjustable (18” to 56.5” telescoping handle) and portable (packs into the head with straps to carry). So you no longer have to worry about bringing the right shovel or wasting space in your vehicle or pack.

This DMOS campaign comes on the heels of a successful Kickstarter for their smaller but no less durable Stealth, which you can pick up right now if you need a new shovel stat. But if you’re willing to wait (it’s an all-seasons tool, after all), you can reserve the Alpha for only $99 on their Kickstarter page for an estimated delivery in June.

Try not to keep that plastic jobby you’re currently using away from any DMOS models in the meantime.

They don’t play nice.