Gear | February 21, 2017 9:00 am

Disney Just Invented a Room That Charges, Well, Everything Inside of It

Might want to break the tin hats out for this one

No, that’s not a copper stripper pole.

Rather, it’s a prototype. For Disney Research’s new Quasistatic Cavity Resonance, a giant signal-emitting charger capable of transmitting electric charges to around five devices in its proximity. It pumps roughly 1900 watts through a coil receiver in an aluminum-lined room (the video above explains how it works).

Is it safe? They think so, and the plan is to get one up and running for consumers as soon as possible.  

Tech geeks and design aficionados bristle at the thought of cords, envisioning a world where we charge and live completely disconnected from an invisible grid all around us. But cords do have some service. They’re more secure, and our friends in the natural world will appreciate it if we stop pumping the airwaves full of noise.

Either way, hats off to Disney for their innovation. Tomorrowland is getting closer with every passing day.