Gear | October 26, 2016 9:00 am

An Airline App Now Lets You Track Your Bag From Plane to Carousel

Will it magically make them stop losing your bag? Unlikely.

Biggest panic after a flight: Where’s my bag?

If you fly Delta, you’ll now know the exact answer.

The airline just updated their Fly Delta app (version 4.0) to include a map view of their bag’s last scanned location. This follows up Delta’s earlier introduction of RFID tracking tech on their luggage tags, which the company thinks will lead to a 10 percent decrease in misplaced luggage.

To see your bag, open the app and look at the map: the display will automatically zoom to your bag’s location. You can follow the bag’s journey via pins and icons, which will both provide additional information if you click on them (guessing “Your bag isn’t going anywhere … forever” won’t be one of them).

“We’re the first carrier to offer this level of visibility,” said Delta Senior VP Bill Lentsch in a statement. “From the moment our customers drop off their bag, we want them to know we’re looking out for it every step of the way and working to take the stress out of flying one innovation at a time.”

For now, the tech is available at domestic airports, with international destinations coming in the next few months. Push notifications with minute-by-minute updates will come later this year.

In the meantime, let’s hope if there are bag issues, you get paid for ‘em.