Gear | August 17, 2020 11:36 am

Deal: This Camping and Hiking Gear Is 25% Off

It's a great time to stock up on outdoor gear

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By Ben Fox

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With September just around the corner, temperatures will soon begin to drop, which means there’s just a few weeks left of camping season. Take advantage and plan a night under the stars. Just make sure you pack everything you need to be comfortable. If you need to upgrade some gear, look no further than Backcountry’s Semi-Annual Sale, which features big deals on a bunch of great stuff. Shop the entire sale here, or read on for our favorite picks.

Yeti Rambler 30-Ounce Tumbler

It’s no secret that we love Yeti products. The 30-ounce Tumbler is big enough to hold a day’s worth of water or coffee, and it’s made with Yeti’s signature double-walled, dishwasher safe stainless steel.

Black Diamond Storm 375 Headlamp

The Storm is a burly headlamp that has tons of options. In addition to a main control for dimming your light, a secondary PowerTap control on the housing lets you switch quickly between bright and low light, and additional settings include strobe, red, green, and blue night-vision. Brightness Memory guarantees that when you switch your headlamp back on it returns to the setting you had previously chosen.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad

The Comfort Plus has two baffles that fill up separately and a multi-function valve, which lets you fine-tune the firmness. All that and it only weighs two pounds, nine ounces and packs up smaller than a slice of bread.

Stoic Dirtbag Dining Table

Unlike most packable camping tables, which are small squares, the Dirtbag table spans an impressive four feet. Use it to chop veggies and cook on or pull up your camp chairs and feel like you’re at a real dinner table.

MSR 2-Person Mess Kit

You don’t need camping specific bowls and flatwear, but it’s certainly nice to have. This simple mess kit kit includes two bowls, sporks, and mugs—pretty much everything two people need to eat a camp meal.

Big Agnes Lost Dog Sleeping Bag

The Lost Dog is one of Big Agnes’s more entry-level bags, but it’s awesome for car camping where weight and packability don’t matter. It’s stuffed with synthetic insulation that will keep you warm down to 30 degrees even has a sleeve to connect your sleeping pad to the bag.


Osprey Aether AG 60L Backpack

The Aether has been around for about a decade now and is one of the most venerated backpacks on the market. The 60-liter size is great for everything from overnights to four-day trips, depending on how you pack, and the shoulder straps and hip belt can be thermo-molded for a custom, comfortable fit.

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.