Gear | November 4, 2019 11:33 am

Deal: Reebok’s Famous CrossFit Sneaker Is 50% Off

Get a pair of hard-earned lifting shoes for the cost of canvas slip-ons

Deal: Reebok’s Famous CrossFit Sneaker Is 50% Off

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Last week, we lauded the Nano 9 — the latest in Reebok’s line of CrossFit sneakers — as a perfect lifting shoe. When Reebok originally became the official footwear supplier of CrossFit back in 2011, its sneakers were uniquely designed for the sport. Think rigid soles built for endless squats, with Kevlar uppers. The brand has taken note of the shoe’s crossover appeal in recent years though, and built versions meant for casual strength trainers, too.

That would certainly apply to last year’s model, the Nano 8 Flexweave, a grippy, durable sneaker that manages to weight in at just 10 ounces. It’s low-cut, and features a ton of room down in your toe region, which helps with keeping your feet planted and firm during lifting exercises.

Reebok deserves credit for innovating this shoe each year, as they often take advice directly from CrossFit athletes, but we’re gonna level with you — the Nano 8 will serve you just fine, in case can’t pull the trigger on the 9. Not to mention, with code “FALL” it’s currently a crazy 50% off. Shop 11 different colorways here, all in good sizing.