Gear | July 6, 2021 11:28 am

Deal: Every Pair of Knockaround Shades Is 25% Off

Shop the Fourth of July sale that's set to end today

Knockaround shades are 25% off
Knockaround shades are 25% off

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It’s the same thing every summer: your favorite pair of pricey sunglasses gets snapped, scratched or is suddenly nowhere to be found. So you head to the local department store, try on a few pairs and fork over too much money. Then you lose them again on the next river float with friends.

I was once a victim of the endless cycle too. Then a friend told me to invest in a pair of Knockaround shades that look good, last forever and lack the hefty price tag. I haven’t looked back since.

Featuring premium materials and upbeat designs, Knockaround sunglasses are 25% off as part of a Fourth of July sale that’s set to end today. From the classic Fort Knocks to the trendy Pacific Palisades, you’ll be hard-pressed to walk away empty-handed. Our favorite styles offer UV protection and polarized lenses, and there’s not a single pair on sale that costs more than $25. Pick up some sunnies that are good for your eyes, great for your wallet and ready for summer.