If you spend your work days just staring at the wall wondering what to do next … well, they’ve found a way to make that more productive.

The DAKBoard Wall Display v2 Plus is a 24-inch HD screen with built-in wifi and stereo speakers. Mounted either vertically or horizontally, you can customize DAK’s display to show off photos, news, weather, office announcements or whatever you want. The calendar feature, however, is the standout, showcasing your events “agenda-style” with easily visible descriptions, start/end times and locations.

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The device communicates seamlessly with all your calendar, RSS and news apps, so you won’t have to worry about learning or integrating with any new system. As a whole, the DAK might be a bit much to look at in your house first thing in the morning, but it’s perfect for office lobbies or meeting rooms. At a glance, you’ll know exactly what to dread each waking hour.

Already have a mounted TV or monitor ready to go? The DAKboard CPU transforms your existing screen into a wall display.

H/t Uncrate