Gear | September 12, 2016 9:00 am

Warning: Coleman’s Newest Camp Stove May Attract Ski Bunnies

Mostly because there's an inflatable hot tub attached to it

With its soothing jets and womb-temperature water, there are few situations a hot tub doesn’t improve. And now, thanks to the gear stalwarts at Coleman, the hot tub experience is more affordable and portable than ever.

Dubbed the Lay-Z Inflatable Spa, Coleman’s new hot tub seats four adults and comes with 120 jets. The digitally controlled soft-touch screen lets you increase the water temp up to 104 degrees while nesting among its poly-fabric lined walls.

The pump comes with two replaceable filters, and when it’s empty, it only weighs 72 pounds — so it’s not too terrible to schlep, just don’t attempt to take it on any through hikes. You’ll probably want to add some cleaner and chlorine, but at just $380, you should have some coin to spare for those add-ons.

Just don’t spend it on glass bottles. Glass bottles and inflatable things don’t mix very well.