We’ve seen drones dressed up as origami, dolphins and the Millennium Falcon.

Never saw the hockey puck coming, though.

Now, Cleo isn’t actually supposed to be hockey-themed — even though it’s enclosed in a black, pocket-sized, circular frame that you can grab safely with one hand. What truly separates the drone is its indoor-friendly design: The propellers are enclosed inside of a duct, so it’s safe to fly around people, pets and small spaces. Meanwhile, the camera, battery and electronics are housed within the device’s shell.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Cleo quite yet. According to IEEE Spectrum’s interview with CEO/founder Omar Eleryan, you’ll see it first as a security item later this year, with a consumer version to follow in 2019.

But until then, we do have a new video showing off the drone’s navigation skills.

Best of luck to your cat if he thinks he’s going to smash this thing to bits:

H/t New Atlas