By Reuben Brody / May 18, 2017 9:00 am

The next best thing to being able to understand 40 different languages has to be the ability to silence them with a shake of your head.

Fortunately, these do both.

Bragi, a German company, has added translating tech to its Dash Pro, a line of earbuds that can do everything from track your athletic performance to block outside noises to stream your favorite music for five hours — and all with simple gestures like nodding your head or tapping your ear. It also takes calls so, if you don’t want to speak to someone, just shake your head — the way a five-year-old would if he didn’t want to talk to someone.

Will you look like a pitcher communicating with his coach? Yes. Should you care? No. These things are nuts.

The translation technology comes courtesy of Bragi’s newly updated operating system. It purports to be able to translate basic sentences and commands on the fly, which should make for far less confused wandering the next time you’re in a foreign country. The Pro line also comes with custom fitting for your ear canal, ensuring a tight fit, greater outside noise reduction and crisper low registers in your music. You can also adjust the noise-canceling feature to let in some outside noises so that you’ll stay safe and alert if you’re biking around town.

Hell, you may never take them out.