Gear | June 30, 2016 9:00 am

Your Kid Genius in the Making Needs Bose’s Build-Your-Own Speaker

“Back in my day,” they’ll say

A man can try his best to teach his kid good taste in music. I.e., the music he prefers. I.e., the music of his generation.

But at day’s end, your kid’s gonna like what they’re gonna like. They’re gonna sing what they’re gonna sing. And you’re gonna listen when you don’t wanna listen.

You can, however, bestow unto them the lessons of where music comes from (which we like to think will go a long way in begetting good taste), thanks to Bose’s new Speaker Cube, a Bluetooth speaker kit that’ll teach your little one how to build a speaker step by step.

A simple build for kids eight and up, the Cube is a part of the speaker company’s new BoseBuild STEM program. So no tools, just a science lesson on the ins and outs of how everything comes together to produce amplified sound.

Best part is you’ll be able to customize the casing with different colors and lights.

The Speaker Cube is going for $149 and you can purchase it right here. We suggest you do so.

Because hey, they might not ever listen to Sonic Youth, but with this project at the work table, at least you can call ‘em one.