Gear | October 27, 2014 9:00 am

This Suitcase Will Make Air Travel Awesome Again

This bag: Loss-proof, theft-proof, airline-proof

By The Editors

Your correspondent once swore, while pressed thigh-to-thigh with a stranger in Delta steerage, that anyone who could make air travel 10 percent more bearable would be elected our Next Great Leader.

This is that 10 percent.

It’s called Bluesmart, a “smart” carry-on available now for preorder.

Designed by a couple of aerospace engineers, product developers and MIT eggheads, Bluesmart connects to your smartphone/watch. From there, you can remotely lock or unlock the bag, weigh its contents and track the bag, both in the airport and out.

Bluesmart’s inspiration came from, naturally, crappy airline customer service.

“One of our founders was traveling to Argentina to visit his family for Christmas, and he was forced to check his bag,” says co-founder Diego Saez Gil. “When he arrived in Buenos Aires, the suitcase was missing! All his family’s gifts were in there.”


The bag itself features a pretty strong, lightweight anodized aluminum/polycarbonate construction that weighs just under nine pounds.

It’s wheeled and size-compliant with all airlines. And bonus: separate compartments for your laptops and electronic devices, allowing for easy security access.

It’s even good when you’re flying standby. The bag features a built-in battery charger, good for six refills of your iPhone.

Have a good flight.