Gear | February 23, 2017 9:00 am

A Bike Tool So Handsome You’ll Be Rooting for a Flat Tire

Did we say tool? We meant tools. Seven of them. In one.

Bicycles remain one of the best examples of man’s design potential. They’re eco-friendly, easy to use and about as much fun as you could ever have on two wheels. They’ve also barely evolved over the decades (relative to other locomotive machines, at least); if you had a good bike in the ’70s and took good care of it, chances are you still have a good bike today.

Of course, they do require a few routine fix-ups: popped tires, loose handlebars, broken chains. Luckily, something nearly as ingenious can take care of all that: the Bombtrack Multix, a handheld multitool that can repair all the standard ailments you’ll incur riding around town. The Multix equips two hex bits, two open wrenches, an axle wrench, a lockring tool and a spoke tool. The deluxe version adds tire levers, adhesive patches and a handsome leather roll that secures neatly beneath your seat.

We’re not saying you should ride roughshod on purpose just to show this baby off.

But should the worst happen, you’ll be prepared.