Gear | November 3, 2017 9:00 am

This Kickstarter Telescope Is 100x More Powerful Than Most, NBD

Get stuffed, light pollution

One of my father’s hobbies was astronomy, and he bought nice telescope and we’d go out to look at the stars and planets.

This was in rural North Carolina, where it was very easy to do. In fact, we saw Halley’s Comet, and, using his fancy telescope, my dad snapped a picture of it, which landed in the local paper.

We couldn’t have done that in Los Angeles, New York or even Dallas. Unless you’re using a super telescope at an observatory you’re just not going to see the stars in city limits because of distortion from city lights (aka light pollution).

But two French software engineers based in San Francisco — Laurent Marfisi and Arnaud Malvache — have received funding for an impressive innovation in the telescope space, which they’ve dubbed eVscope. They claim it’s 100 times more powerful than a traditional telescope, and astronomers agree.

evscope (2 images)

At 15 pounds, this highly portable stargazer uses a low light sensor with an algorithm to fast process the images and amplify them at a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The telescope also connects to your smart phone and has 20 million star components logged into its memory and uses Autonomous Field Detection that will alert you to the celestial situation.

They’re in development now, with a scheduled delivery of November 2018.