Did Your Pans Come With a Multi-Century Warranty?

You can’t reinvent the wheel. The saucepan, however: go wild.

The nöni, as it’s called by its inventors at Solidteknics, is a seamless saucepan made from a single piece of stainless steel: no rivets, no screws, no extraneous bits and pieces that can rust, break, fall off, etc. So far as we know, it’s a completely unprecedented design.

Cast iron will always be king of cookware. But you don’t use cast iron every day — it’s heavy and requires a ton of maintenance. Steel is lightweight and easy to use; the nöni weights less than three pounds.

Traditional stainless steel cookware has limitations: food gets trapped in the rivets that connect the handle to the pot, and those rivets loosen after repeated uses and washes. That’s traditionally been a necessity, though, because having a separate handle keeps the whole rig cool — steel conducts heat.

Solidteknics, which also makes knives that chefs seem to love, designed the nöni with a long, louvered handle that dissipates heat before it reaches your hand. The lid also serves as a skillet.

The other drawback to modern stainless steel saucepans is that they’re often made with nickel or non-stick chemicals that make them easier to clean and cook with. Both of those materials pose health risks, and also degrade over time, sending you back to the store and the pan off to the landfill. The nöni comes with a multi-century warranty. That’s the sort of cradle-to-the-grave engineering the planet needs.

And despite that do-goodery, it looks like a great piece of cookware that’ll elevate your food game for certain.

Nota bene: The nöni is funded well past its goal on Kickstarter, with limited pre-order available.