The 13 Best Gifts to Give the Gen Zer in Your Life

Worried your presents won't be hip enough this year? We've got you covered.

A sampling of the best gifts to get the Gen Zer in your life this 2022 holiday season

You may not know what Gen Zers want, so our resident Gen Zers weighed in.

By Logan Mahan and Paolo Sandoval

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

It’s hard to know what to get the young people in your life, partly because you’re slightly out of touch with what’s cool, but also because our ever-accelerating trend cycle makes it difficult for even young people to know what’s “in” at the moment. 

So when shopping for your kids, nieces, nephews and other people born after 1997, what the hell are you supposed to buy them?

Well, lucky for you, you’re in the right place because we’ve got a heap of modish gift ideas below, all hand-picked by two Gen Zers themselves, so you can guarantee your presents this year will be anything but corny. 

Apple AirPods Max

2018 was the year everyone received AirPods — Apple’s wireless earbuds — for Christmas. This year, the “it” gift will undoubtedly be Apple’s trendy wireless and noise-canceling over-ear headphones, especially among the younger demographic.

Birkenstock Boston

Take it from us: The laid-back, grandpa-esque Birkenstock Boston clog (colloquially known as the “TikTok Shoe”) is exactly what any influencer wannabe or otherwise predisposed Gen Zer wants this holiday season. We highly recommend you shell out the extra $15 for the soft footbed version — the extra comfy corked sole makes all the difference.

Chamberlain Coffee Super Matcha Bundle

From popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain’s cutesy coffee brand, this starter set — which features a tote bag, milk frother, mason jar, straws and green tea powder — is the perfect gift to feed their matcha obsession.

Componibili Bio Storage Unit

It might seem like just yesterday that the Gen Z kiddo was learning to ride a bike or tie their shoes, but the reality is most are old enough for their own apartment. Help them furnish their otherwise ratty abode with something extra chîc…and, much more importantly, photogenic enough for their candid bedside-table IG dump.

Reformation Nylah Nappa Knee Boot

I saw a TikTok influencer wearing the Nylah Nappa Knee Boot from Reformation, so I bought the Nylah Nappa Knee Boot from Reformation. But seriously, this sturdy and stylish black knee-high boot is a wardrobe essential.

Corridor Alpaca Balaclava

The accessory of the season is a knit balaclava, with a major caveat — the less threatening, the better. Think babushka, not gas station bandit. Corridor’s cloud-soft Alpaca make fits the bill quite nicely: a soft umber shade and merino wool blend make the Peruvian-made snood one they’ll surely covet.

Aurate Medium Gold Chunky Hinged Hoop Earrings

Because they buy all of their jewelry from Amazon and it’s turning their ears green! Why not be the one to gift them their first nice set of classic gold hoop earrings?

Studio Arhoj Sing Storage Container

There’s no secret to Studio Arhoj’s cutesy designs — quite the opposite. The Danish house dabbles in hand-cast porcelain for an interesting home, something any Gen Z hottie will surely appreciate. The Sing Storage Containers, complete with Portuguese cork stoppers, are particularly perfect for any budding home cook’s dry goods, although the rest of the studio’s kitchenware isn’t bad, either.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

Whether they’re working out, traveling or walking to the bodega, they’ll probably be wearing this exercise dress. The iconic OV number is comfortable, super cute and features adjustable straps, plus two handy pockets in the built-in short.

Houseplant Vinyl Box Set Vol. 1

Is that 23-year-old cousin a music fanatic? Or maybe your kid’s just open about their inclinations towards the devil’s lettuce — which is fine by us, pending state legality, of course. Stoner god and daddy of cool Seth Rogen’s Houseplant makes this curated vinyl set that should tickle any sonically predisposed stoner’s fancy, with 103 minutes of indica-, sativa- and hybrid-specific songs for the ultimate smoke sesh experience.

Glossier Makeup Set

Gen Z icon Ms. Olivia Rodrigo recently became the new face of this cult-favorite makeup and skincare brand, so you can trust some Glossier will be a hit this holiday season. Go with this beauty set, which features the brand’s three quintessential makeup products — the Boy Brow, Cloud Paint and Lash Slick.

Crown Affair Silk Scrunchie

A set of fashionable scrunchies that won’t damage their hair.

J.Crew Giant-Fit Chino Pant

Looking for a gift to make a big impression? Like, larger than life? There’s always J.Crew’s new Giant-Fit Chinos: you may not know what the phrase “Brendan Babenzian-designed trousers” means, but he certainly will, and will likewise appreciate drowning in some seriously hefty chinos in a way that you’ll never be able to understand.