By Kirk Miller / October 19, 2016 9:00 am

Look, if your best audio experience happens in your car, things need to change on the home front.

Maybe you’d best bring that power and finesse inside.

The UK-based audio manufacturer Naim and luxury carmaker Bentley just debuted Mu-so and Mu-so qb, two home wireless speaker systems that fuse sonic intelligence and design prowess.

It’s a luxury car experience in your living room.

A solid wooden speaker cabinet wrapped in anodised aluminum, the Mu-so grille is finished in “Portland,” a color transposed from the Bentley car palette; the patterned casework actually matches the speaker grille in the Bentley Bentayga. A Naim for Bentley logo is illuminated when the speaker is turned on.

The Mu-so delivers 450 distortion-free watts of power and can be paired with five Mu-So qb compact speakers, allowing you to either stream the same song simultaneously through your house … or control six different tunes at once.

It’s not their first collaboration: Naim has been overseeing all the in-car audio for Bentleys since 2008. But it’s the first time the companies have taken their collaborative tech and worked its magic indoors.

The Naim for Bentley Mu-so is around $1,700 and the qb goes for $1,100.