Gear | July 12, 2016 9:00 am

This Ridiculously Loud Bluetooth Speaker Can Be Worn as a Backpack

BeatBringer is the ultimate way to be "that guy"

This Ridiculously Loud Bluetooth Speaker Can Be Worn as a Backpack

One of my biggest pet peeves about living in a city is people who listen to music on their phones without headphones.

I fantasize about one-upping them.

Y’know, standing right next to said audio barbarian, angling a speaker at their eardrum, cranking the volume up to 11 and throwing on a podcast — just to see how they like it.

And now I know exactly which speaker I’d use. It’s called BeatBringer, and it’s basically a concert-quality speaker mounted on a hardshell backpack. The company behind this infernal device claims that it’ll be the world’s loudest portable Bluetooth speaker when it hits the market (Kickstarter, starting July 14th), and judging by the specs, they may not be far off.

First, the thing weighs 13 pounds. Thirteen pounds! Why so heavy? Well, there’s the giant lithium battery that powers a four-channel amp, not to mention two 6-inch woofers and a pair of 25mm dome tweeters.

A recent Facebook post says the speaker exceeds the 110-decibel mark, which is absolutely insane. In other words: this thing is actually kinda’ dangerous, and should be able to handle all the lows and highs you throw at it.

Perfect for: BBQs. Outdoor events. Putting on concerts in your backyard in a pinch.

Oh, and exacting revenge on those who annoy you the most.

BeatBringer launches on Kickstarter on July 14th.