Affordable, Portable Pizza Oven? That’s a Tailgating No-Brainer.
By Athena Wisotsky / August 29, 2018 9:00 am

Used to be a package of cold-cuts and a loaf of bread could pass for a picnic. Looking at what’s available nowadays, consider those the dark ages.

For example: a gas-powered tabletop pizza oven from BakerStone that cooks pies in two minutes. Now that’s the ideal tailgating party favor. Anything that elevates your meals yet can be packed up like a camping grill for portable outdoor dining gets a yes from us.

Heating up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit is no joke, and it reaches these temps with a combination of convective, conductive and radiant heat through the porcelain-enameled steel and refractory stone. The double-walled ceiling helps with heat retention, and pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu — it’s also good for baking bread and cookies, roasting meat and vegetables, and cooking fish.

Folding legs and a storage box keep it protected when not in use, and the kit also has optional accessories like a full or half griddle and grill grates. It’s only $250 (less than you’d probably spend on a party-size round of pizzas and drinks), with the perk of only needing to buy it once. Fuel is not included, so you need to source the 20-pound propane cylinder elsewhere.

BakerStone also makes non-portable Pizza Box Oven that converts three-burner and larger gas grills to reach the temps of a real wood-burning oven, for about half the price of the portable version. Their patented design uses a combo of convective, conductive and radiant heat that helps it get to temp quickly and evenly.

Bon appètit.

All images via BakerStone