The Carry-On That Changed the Game Now Makes Duffels, Dopp Kits

In three short years, Away carry-ons have come to be the toast of the travel industry. As an affordable, lightweight suitcase with built-in USB chargers, the hardshell smart bag has become a no-brainer for the jetset, especially loved for its easily removable battery.

And now, the company wants to be the one luggage brand to rule them all with the launch of a new line of personal accessory items designed to complement its flagship model.

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Dubbed the Plus Ones collection, the new line is capped off by the leather Everywhere Bag, a 20L duffel bag that secures seamlessly to Away carry-ons. Rounding out the new inventory are the Signature Garment Bag, Insider Packing Cubes and dopp kit. Save for the packing cubes, each item is available in a bevvy of colors. 

All the items together are being marketed as a travel “uniform,” meant to keep you feeling organized and put-together, and frankly, it’s a uniform that’s hard to resist. Reliable, brandless travel goods that’ll make you look smart and help you pack even smarter? That’s a win.

For more details, head on over to Away.