Gear | March 17, 2017 9:00 am

You Can Now Own a Coffee-Table Version of PONG

Buy now. Ask your wife for forgiveness later.

For those of you befuddled by virtual reality and the Nintendo Switch and yearning for the simple games of times past, pull up a seat.

We’ve got a table just for you.

The Table PONG Project is a furniture-sized homage to the world’s first major video game, Pong (celebrating its 45th anniversary this year). Designed by California-based computer animator Gerardo Orioli, the TPP promises to replicate the sounds, lights and game mechanics of the original game.

But the Table has some modern touches: the unit features a few USB ports and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and also has a VCR-style clock, because why not?

Our favorite part of the project? The project’s crowd commentary. Example: “This is where nerd-boners are born.”

The Kickstarter currently has 26 days to go and is about one-third funded. The table starts at $900 (retail will be $1,690), with small additional fees for Atari-themed seating cubes and the option of turning the table into a coin-op unit … which is a good way to get your $900 back.

If funded, the units will ship by November.