By Kirk Miller / April 2, 2019

Anker’s Excellent Bluetooth Speakers Are Now Basically Two-For-One

Soundcore Flare

One is the loneliest number, especially when it comes to speakers.

Listen, you can buy a solid, portable Bluetooth speaker for under $100 and place it in a smaller room and be fine. It’ll certainly get the job done in your kitchen or a hotel room.

But any other place, indoors or out, is gonna pine for stereo sound, so you’ll want at dual speakers. And that’s where Anker’s latest twofer deal comes in.

For the next two weeks, the brand’s well-reviewed (4.5 stars/5) Soundcore Flare arrives in a two-pack that’s only $10 more than buying a single speaker, and it’s even $30 less for two than buying the slightly more upscale but singular Soundcore Flare+.

The speakers themselves offer 360-degree sound, a healthy amount of low-end bass and actual visual flair — a halo of LEDs react to the beat of your music, and you can customize those light patterns via an app (which also allows you to get sound nerdy with a customizable EQ). Great for parties, but you can easily turn ‘em off when you don’t want your living room to resemble a high school rave.

The Flares are IPX7-rated, so they’re waterproof and great for pumping up the volume on your outdoor or waterbound adventures. And we do mean volume — the speakers work by either synchronizing playback and “doubling” your sound or offering a stereo mode with left and right channels. So probably outside for the former and inside for the latter use.

The two-pack deal is live until April 15th.

BUY IT HERE: $110 $70

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