This Knot-Tying App Is Straight-Up Essential

Whether you’re camping, on a boat or in a more, um, personal situation, having a few good knots at your disposal is an essential life skill.

And yet aside from bunny ears and half Windsors, most of us are knot novices.

To offer some help in that area, a family with a competitive sailing background has created Animated Knots, a handy app that offers on-demand instructions for tying more than 100  knots. Among the offerings: boating knots, fishing knots, surgical knots and search-and-rescue knots.

Knot App (2 images)

The app — which is basically a mobile version of the Grogono family’s website — has gotten a number of strong reviews on iTunes and “has the best combination of multimedia and researched background” out of any knot application on the web, according to Outside Magazine.  

Available for Android, iPhone and iPad (sorry Windows Phone peeps), Animated Knots is $5.

It’s not to be missed.