Gear | February 28, 2017 9:00 am

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Couldn’t Stop This All-Weather Drone

Now, about piloting it ...

Besides  selfies, cooking steak and other superfluous things, drones do have more value than being everyone’s favorite hi-tech play thing. In China, for example, flamethrower-equipped drones are being used for general public good. 

Thing is, using drones for public good can be a problem, because extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow deem most most drones unable to handle, if at all. 

That’s why in order to help professionals like search and rescue workers, wind farmers and bridge inspectors, drone innovator DJI developed a new series of all-weather quadcopters.

M200 Drones (2 images)

Capable of carrying up to three cameras to let pilots survey potentially dangerous locations from afar, the M200 (as well as the higher-end M210 and M210RTK) is resistant to both weather and dust and is equipped with a stabilizing device that autocorrects the drone’s flight path in wind.

Stocked with an array of sensors to help it avoid everything from trees to infrared threats, the M200 is capable of hitting speeds of up to 50 MPH and can hit a max altitude of 1.5 miles up.

Pricing isn’t available for any M200 units yet, but that isn’t stopping DJI from taking preorders.

Keep yours away from eagles.