SkyLights VR

One place you’re not gonna be judged for wearing a ridiculous-looking virtual reality headset?

An airplane. Especially in the comfy, secluded confines of first class. (See photo above.)

Alaska Airlines has started providing the SkyLights’ Allosky VR headset to first class passengers on a few domestic flights. Working with both traditional and 3-D content, the headset promises a full HD immersive experience on the Seattle-Boston and Boston-San Diego routes.

SkyLights VR

The available VR films include Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and — much more aligned with the technology — Ready Player One. As well, the airline will provide short VR films on diving, acrobatic and classical music, and you’ll also be able to provide your own content.

Just keep it airplane-appropriate, please.

Photos: Via SkyLights