One push of the smartphone for air-travel justice?


That’s the goal of AirHelp, a passenger-rights app that just got a simple but massive update.

We’re already fans of AirHelp, which we once dubbed “the Robin Hood of air travel.”  If your luggage is lost or your flight gets delayed/canceled, the app determines whether you’re in line for hundreds of dollars in fees (which you are legally entitled to) and then sues the airline on your behalf. Previously, you had to (sort of) painstakingly enter your flight details into the app to put that process in motion.

But this week, the updated app has foregone the cumbersome “filling out” process. Now, instead of taking a survey to start, you can just scan an image of your boarding pass with your smartphone camera.

According to Bloomberg, AirHelp has already processed claims for two million passengers and won $195 million in compensation (with a 95% success rate when filing suit). As the company’s CEO Henrik Zillmer notes, your compensation will depend on where you’re flying to or from and will be resolved in 2-3 months. The service takes a cut of your compensation.

AirHelp is free for download on iOS and Android, and also available on desktop and mobile.